Frequently Asked Questions about Window Screens


If you are a homeowner it is understandable if you want to regularly complete small projects that are beneficial to your home. Projects may add value, comfort or curb appeal. One thing that adds all of those are window screens? How can window screens do all that for my home, you ask? Read on!

Why should I get window screens?

Window screens provide additional protection from outside elements. This means you can catch a nice breeze when you crack the window but won't have to worry about dirt, bugs, leaves or anything else making its way inside!

Can I get screens for doors?

Screens are also available for doors of all different types. You can get sliding glass door screens and swinging door screens.

Can window screens provide extra protection for my home against intruders?

Specialized window alarm screens are an amazing addition to any burglar alarm system. If these screens are tampered with they will set off an alarm, scaring away the unwanted guests.

Do screens require special care?

From time to time screens ought to be cleaned. Regular screens can generally be washed by the homeowner. Window alarm screen cleaning should usually be conducted by a professional, as these are very sensitive to the touch.

Will screen deteriorate over time?

You can purchase anti-corrosion screens so that you won't have to worry about rust or other potential issues.

What else should I know about window screens?

Window screens can be tinted, which will help you keep your home cooler on the hottest days. This will even help reduce your AC bill!

Where can I get window screens in Los Angeles

If you need window screens in LA you'll want to reach out to Alarm Screens Co. We specialize in window alarm screens in Los Angeles, but we sell traditional window screens and door screens as well. To learn more or to request a free quote get in touch with us at (310) 299-8038 today!

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